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    Tax automation

    Marosa relies heavily on the use of a tax automation software to produce all VAT returns. Our automated solution dramatically reduces human intervention, with hundreds of checks running automatically in the background of each return. The client ERP data is configured and mapped into the system allowing more efficient and less time consuming return preparation. Data analytics and exception reports are run automatically highlighting any trend deviation or significant change in the usual balances.


    Workflow tools

    Managing a large number of returns and deadlines requires appropriate workflow tools to distribute your workload and plan team changes with sufficient time in advance. Marosa will provide a due date tracker at the beginning of the year with all deadlines for each country. This tracker includes internal deadlines for each task in the VAT return, which allows automatic monitoring of the return process.


    Cloud based archiving

    We believe e-mail traffic should be reduced. We will not send you recurrent emails with working preparations, approval requests or invoices every month. All data is stored in a cloud based locationaccessible by any member involved in the return preparation and review process. As part of our commitment to transparency, this location will also store invoices, contracts and any other relevant information of the account.