Canary Islands Introduce SII Real-Time Reporting as From January

On 16 May, The Canary Islands tax authorities announced the implementation of real-time reporting of all invoices issued and received.


Real-time reporting on the Canary Islands as from January 2019

This obligation will be in line with the actual Spanish real-time reporting called SII. The new obligation will be mandatory for businesses subscribed to the monthly refund scheme. At the moment the Canarian tax authorities are developing the technical infrastructure required to submit the XML files on real time. You can find the official announcement of the Canarian tax authorities via this link.

Spanish SII in the Canary Islands

The Spanish real-time reporting SII which will be the reference for the Canarian system, requires businesses to submit all invoices issued and received to the Spanish tax authorities within four days after issuance of invoices issued (AR invoices) or after booking of invoices received (AP invoices).You can find more information about the Spanish SII in this section of our country manual.

Reporting obligations requiring businesses to provide transaction data on a periodic basis are a clear trend in Europe. Most European countries have introduced this type of obligations where companies must give details of every single invoice issued and received. In some countries like , and Italy, this information must be reported in real-time.

How can we help?

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