Delayed Annual Accounting SAF-T in Portugal

The Portuguese tax authorities recently announced a delay on the obligation to provide an annual accounting SAF-T file.


This obligation has been postponed for one year, hence the next Annual accounting SAF-T in Portugal would only be requested in 2019 covering the accounting period of 2018.

This delay is due to expected updates on the Portuguese accounting regulations, particularly about the IES obligations. The official notice issued by the authorities is available at the website of the Portuguese tax authorities.

SAF-T in Portugal. Our solution

Portugal requires monthly SAF-T data to be reported by all established companies. SAF-T information generally includes transaction data of all sales made in Portugal during the previous month. This information must reconcile with the VAT return data.

The challenge with this obligation is that the XML file must be generated from a software certified by the Portuguese tax authorities. Each invoice must include a verified electronic signature and the correct XML format must be used. The authorities often update the XML format, therefore it is important to stay up to date on the latest changes.

Our solution consists on a software that will immediately generate your monthly SAF-T file on the basis of standard templates received from your ERP team. This file will be automatically updated and ready to submit at the tax authorities´ website.

Marosa´s software will also produce the Annual accounting SAF-T file at any time should the Portuguese tax authorities request this information in the course of an audit.


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