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Additional requirements on Polish Intrastat returns

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Additional requirements on Polish Intrastat returns

Poland will require customer VAT numbers added to Intrastat returns as from July 2017. In practice, this will increase the time required to put together your Intrastat returns because you will no longer be able to merge all transactions with same information such as commodity code, country of destination and way of transport if there is a different VAT number. Going forward, if the VAT number of the recipient is different, you will need to create a separate line in your Polish Intrastat return.

We are not informed about simplifications introduced in the Polish ECSL return, even if part of the information reported monthly in this Intrastat is also reported in the ECSL return. Poland is one of the few countries requiring both flows, IC-acquisitions and IC-sales, to be reported in the ECSL return.

Polish Intrastat returns must be filed by the 10th day of the month. This is one of the earliest Intrastat deadlines in Europe and, given the level of detail on these returns, it is hard for most businesses to meet this due date.

In Marosa we centralize European VAT compliance. We can help you business preparing and submitting returns, but also providing tools, manuals and process documents to make sure that your in-house team has all resources available to comply with VAT obligations in Europe. Send us an email if you want to receive supporting tools for your in-house VAT function. 

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  • Published 28/07/2017 9:01