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French VAT refunds for VAT groups

Following a decision of the French Conseil d’Etat, where an EU VAT refund is requested (former 8th Directive refunds) by a member of a VAT group in a foreign country, the authorities will require the Head of the group to submit the application. This is the first time that the French tax authorities give legal value to a foreign VAT group.

The rules on EU VAT refunds are similar in every country. All requests must be filed electronically from the country of establishment of the claimant, by the same deadline and with the same delays in each country to get an answer from the relevant tax authorities. However, in practice, the authorities in the country of refund will request further information and raise questions about your business activities. This is where you will need a tax specialist to look at your refund claim. You can read more about EU VAT refunds in this article and about how Marosa can help you with our VAT refund services.

  • By Marosa EU VAT
  • Published 01/04/2016 6:45