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  • Spanish matriculation tax and VAT on chartering

    Spanish VAT on chartering. Matriculation tax Spanish matriculation tax is an additional indirect tax obligation on boats purchased or used in Spain. It is foreseen only for private individuals or businesses not using the boat for commercial purposes. This tax...
    • By Marosa VAT
    • Published 2018-06-04
  • VAT on drop-shipping. E-commerce VAT and distance sales EU VAT obligations

    Treatment of E-commerce VAT This article describes the VAT treatment and VAT obligations of e-commerce companies selling goods to private individuals across the EU. By private individuals we mean customers that are not registered for VAT. When goods are sold...
    • By Marosa VAT
    • Published 2018-03-08
  • European VAT compliance check-list

    VAT compliance to-do list in January If your department is handling multiple VAT numbers across Europe from one same location, you must take a number of actions at the beginning of each year to make sure that you are on...
    • By Marosa VAT
    • Published 2018-02-26
  • VAT reverse charge. Possible scenarios

    When to apply VAT reverse charge If your business has two VAT numbers, one in Germany and another one in France, you may ask yourself why do you charge VAT in Germany but not in France for two supplies that...
    • By Marosa EU VAT
    • Published 2016-09-28