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Areas of Expertise

We assist medium and large multinational companies with their VAT compliance around Europe. We have extensive experience preparing, reviewing and coordinating any European VAT obligation.

These are some examples of industries where our central approach maximizes the benefits:

Every company operating in multiple countries benefits from our central approach across different jurisdictions. We increase visibility and control allowing management to take well founded decisions about their business activities.

Businesses selling their products through the internet to customers in Europe will save costs and time by using a single provider in all their VAT obligations.

Companies organizing a conference abroad will be required to register for VAT prior to the date of the conference. We take care of urgent VAT registrations and all subsequent VAT returns.

Our experience spans across most activities in the financial services industry, including partial exemption calculations and VAT refund claims for leasing businesses. Leasing businesses with clients abroad may incur significant amounts of VAT. Marosa provides an efficient and global approach to ensure fast recovery of these amounts.

Our team has several years of experience dealing with VAT and customs obligations of commodities businesses. Our offer includes customs agent services and preparation of all obligations related to fuel, metal, agricultural and other commodities trading.