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VAT registrations and simplifications in The Netherlands

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VAT registrations and simplifications in The Netherlands

This section covers the transactions that require a VAT registration and the simplifications that allow you to avoid a VAT registration when the relevant conditions are met. 

If you are planning to do business in a new EU country, you should start by checking if you need a VAT number in section When do I need a Dutch VAT number? . Once confirmed, you should also check if you need a fiscal representative in the country and whether you can avoid the VAT registration by using a Global VAT number , consignment stock simplifications, a Customs (bonded) warehouse or a VAT warehouse.

If you are involved in buying or selling goods from non-EU countries, you can read about Import VAT Deferral and Postponed import VAT accounting. VAT grouping may also help your business optimizing their cash flow and compliance obligations. And finally, it is important to know whether you can recover VAT on bad debts.  

Marosa can help you throughout the VAT registration process in any European country, from the VAT consultancy phase where you determine the most efficient structure to the preparation of registration forms and supporting documents. We suggest reading this section in conjunction with our article on What documents do you need to get an EU VAT number?. Start collecting these documents before contacting us will save time and speed up the registration process.