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  • Italian e-invoicing in January 2019. To do list

    Italian e-invoicing will be mandatory in Italy as from January 2019. This obligation will require a full disclosure of your invoices, in a given format, with a given content, in a given protocol… in real-time. It will be more complex than only producing an XML from your ERP system. You must review your finance processes, update your master data, make sure that your ERP has complete data and test your solution a few months before January 2019 to resolve the...
  • Mandatory Greek e-invoicing as from 2020

    As announced on 23 April 2018, Greece is planning to introduce a mandatory real-time reporting of invoices as from 2020 onwards. The Greek Ministry of Finance wants to start with a testing group of all invoices issued to public entities (B2G invoicing) and issued to Limited Liability companies. These invoices must be submitted to the Greek tax authorities in a standard, yet not defined format, starting on 1 January 2019. In the next step, as from January 2020, all taxable...