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  • Italian e-invoicing in 2019

    Italian e-invoicing will be mandatory on all B2B transactions as from 1 January 2019. Our article To do list for Italian electronic invoices explains the steps that you must take in order to start adapting your ERP system to produce and receive e-invoices according to Italian local requirements. Contact us if you would like to receive more information about our web-based solution for Italian e-invoicing. Implementation date The new obligation is expected to be rolled out in different phases: All supplies...
    • By Pedro MAROSAVAT
    • Published 15/07/2018 22:02
  • VAT grouping regime in Italy clarified

    The Italian government  published a Decree clarifying the rules on  VAT grouping. What is VAT grouping? The VAT group regime normally allows a simplification where separate legal entities with financial and organizational links may benefit from simplified reporting and (in most countries) intra-group transactions that are not subject to VAT. The level of simplification changes from one country to another. Businesses opting for the VAT group regime have to meet the requirement to be linked financially, economically and organisationally. A...
  • Italian e-invoicing in January 2019. To do list

    Italian e-invoicing will be mandatory in Italy as from January 2019. This obligation will require a full disclosure of your invoices, in a given format, with a given content, in a given protocol… in real-time. It will be more complex than only producing an XML from your ERP system. You must review your finance processes, update your master data, make sure that your ERP has complete data and test your solution a few months before January 2019 to resolve the...
  • Customs agency publishes new Italian Intrastat rules

    According to the latest notice of the Italian Intrastat authorities, Intra-Community acquisitions must be reported in the Italian Intrastat of the period when the goods arrived to Italy, as opposed to the period when the invoice was posted in the purchases VAT ledger.  These changes have an important impact on any business submitting Italian Intrastat returns, as the logistics information about the date when the goods arrived in Italy should now be considered when preparing these returns. Also, this new...
    • By Marosa VAT
    • Published 08/04/2018 9:18
  • Italian Spesometro simplifications in 2018

    The Italian tax authorities recently published several changes to the Spesometro obligations.  At Marosa we developped a software to convert automatically your Book of invoices issued and received into the XML required by the tax authorities. We will also automatically produce your VAT return with our software. Contact us to receive more information about our Spesometro solution.  Spesometro deadline extended for 2017 The new deadline to submit the Spesometro for the second semester of 2017 is 6 April 2018. This...