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Updated due date for Italian spesometro

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Updated due date for Italian spesometro

The Italian authorities have extended (again) the due date to submit the Italian Spesometro return.

The first semester Spesometro return for 2018 should now be filed by 30 September 2018. Respectively, the second semester 2018 Spesometro also benefits from an extended deadline, as it should now be filed by 28 February. The 28 February deadline also applies to the third quarter Spesometro return.

The Italian Spesometro is a listing of all invoices received and issued that must be submitted in XML format with a valid digital certificate to the Italian Tax authorities webportal. From our experience, the main challenge when filing this return is the format and content required, particularly on the master data of your ERP that must be included in the Anagrafiche.

At Marosa we developed an internal software to transform your native transaction listing into the required XML format. We will provide you a template in Excel that you can simply complete by pasting your transaction listing into our format. Please send us an email if you want to receive an example of our Spesometro template. 

You can find more information about How to complete the Italian Spesometro in our dedicated article to this subject. 

  • By Pedro MAROSAVAT
  • Published 13/09/2018 18:40