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End of Belgian monthly VAT pre-payments

principal / End of Belgian monthly VAT pre-payments

End of Belgian monthly VAT pre-payments

Belgium will no longer require monthly pre-payments from taxpayers submitting quarterly VAT returns.

Currently, where a business’ annual turnover in Belgium is below € 2,500,000 and the value of intra-Community supplies during any of the previous four quarters does not exceed €50,000, they are allowed to submit VAT returns quarterly instead of monthly. However, these businesses are obliged to make pre-payments on a monthly basis for an amount equal to 1/3 of the VAT paid in the previous VAT return. You can find more information on frequency of Belgian VAT returns in our country manuals. These manuals also include information on monthly pre-payments under the section of due dates to submit your VAT return.

Last week the Belgian authorities confirmed that monthly prepayments will no longer be required as from 1 April 2017. Quarterly VAT returns will still be allowed. For these businesses, it will be mandatory to make one annual prepayment in the same conditions as those currently applicable to businesses submitting monthly returns. This annual prepayment is due by 24 December every year and can be calculated as follows (two options):

  • Payment of the same amount paid in the month of November of that year (immediately previous return).
  • Payment of the VAT amount due (VAT payable minus VAT deductible) on the period 1 December to 20 December of that year.

Belgian VAT returns are detailed reports with several amounts to be split in different boxes. Feel free to send us an email if you need help with your Belgian VAT obligations.

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