France increases VAT registration thresholds

France raised the VAT registration threshold from €32,600 to €33,200 of annual turnover per year.

New VAT registration threshold

Certain industries such as purchase and resale activities have a higher threshold of €82,800 where the goods or services are for domestic use; also lawyers and solicitors benefit from a higher threshold of €42,900.

Does this threshold apply to all companies?

These thresholds only apply to small and medium established French companies. Foreign non-established businesses must register for VAT purposes as soon as the first taxable transaction is made. You can find more information on when do you need to register in our blog.

Also, registration thresholds for SME should be distinguished from distance sales registration thresholds. These only apply to online sales of goods shipped from another EU country to a French consumer who is not VAT registered. In these cases, a registration is only required where the annual sales exceeds €35,000.



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