Greek VAT exemption for airlines

A VAT exemption in Greece is currently allowed on air passenger transport provided a number of conditions are met.

25 October, 2016


VAT exemptions for air passenger transport in Greece

The main requirement is that more than 50% of the total revenue of the airline comes from international flights. The Greek government has now clarified the application of this condition on Greek permanent establishments of foreign airlines. In this respect, permanent establishments of foreign companies must take into account their total income and not only the revenues from the Greek branch. This approach allows these permanent establishments to benefit from the exemption since most of the income of the legal entity is abroad. The new approach was published by the authorities in Circular 1130/2016.

What does the VAT exemption include?

The VAT exemption on air transport includes accessory transactions such as imports, repair, aircraft equipment and other goods and services related to the aircraft activity. Member states can introduce exemptions on air, sea and road passenger transport according to their internal policies. This optional regime complicates things for international airline businesses due to costs complying with different criteria across Europe. The Commission has published a comprehensive report on the applicable VAT rates and exemptions on passenger transport services. You can access the report here.


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