Hungarian ERP and invoicing software requirements

Parallel to the changes in the obligation to provide a summary statement, the requirements regarding ERP and invoicing software will also change according to the new government proposal.


As you may know from 2014 businesses issuing invoices from their Hungarian VAT number are required to inform the authorities about the invoicing software they use. The invoicing software used must comply with strict requirements such as sequential numbering of the invoices, etc. Failure to use the appropriate software and failure to report it results in administrative penalty of up to EUR 1,700. Examples of inappropriate invoicing software include the use of Microsoft Excel or Word.

From 2016 the invoicing software must also be capable of collecting data in a pre-defined format to the Hungarian Tax Authority in case of the tax audit. The Hungarian Tax Authority has issued a detailed guidance on how the standard accounting file (SAF) should look like, more specifically which fields should be reported and how.


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