Intrastat threshold changes in Lithuania

The tax authorities have recently reduced the Intrastat threshold in Lithuania from €290,000 to €280,000 for Arrivals and from €215,000 to €200,000 for dispatches.

Intrastat threshold in Lithuania decreases

This is an unusual change in the European Union as Member States normally increase their thresholds periodically (not decrease them). Lithuania had previously increased its threshold in 2015.

What are Intrastat returns?

Intrastat returns are statistical declarations with detailed information about the movement of goods from one Member State to another. They are only required when the applicable threshold in the country involved is exceeded. The combination of detailed information requirements and short deadlines makes it difficult for businesses to comply with these requirements. We are happy to take care of all your Intrastat obligations and help your business retrieving the required information from their systems.


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