IVA in Europa

VAT in Europe

Our VAT manuals focus on compliance practical information for the day to day work of any person preparing and submitting VAT returns acrosss Europe. These manuals will be gradually uploaded in our website as they are reviewed by our network. We have more detailed manuals available, including instructions on how to register for VAT, video tutorials on how to prepare and submit any Indirect tax return and useful links to resources and tools. Contact us for more information about our Detailed VAT manuals.

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Our VAT manuals are divided in the following sections:

  • VAT basics about the country
  • Registration requirements and simplifications available
  • Reverse charge rules
  • A section for each type of return

Due to the large volume and detailed information published in these manuals, you must double check with our team before taking any action on the basis of this information.

VAT Countries


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