Italian Spesometro Simplifications in 2018

The Italian tax authorities recently published several changes to the Spesometro obligations. 

16 March, 2018

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Spesometro deadline extended for 2017

The new deadline to submit the Spesometro for the second semester of 2017 is 6 April 2018. This due date was originally set on 28 February, but the deadline has now been extended for over a month.

The due dates on the return obligation were already extended two times in 2017, therefore we will not be surprised if further changes are published in the next few months.

Simplified Spesometro data requirements in 2018

The address of suppliers and customers will no longer be required in the ID data reported for each transaction.

One the most recurrent issues when producing the XML files for 2017 were related to the address of suppliers and customers. This is due to different formats and information in each address, particularly when the supplier or customer are located in a foreign country.

Quarterly or bi-annual obligation in 2018

Despite the initial plans of requiring the Spesometro returns to be submitted on a quarterly basis in 2018, the authorities recently announced that it is possible to submit this return every six months.

The updated deadlines with the new frequency of filing in 2018 are the following:

  • First semester in 2018 is due by 1 October 2018
  • Second semester in 2018 is due by 28 February 2019

The confirmation of the deadline extension and some of the changes explained above is available in the website of the Italian tax authorities.

Given our experience with similar obligations in Italy, we expect further changes to be published in the future about the Spesometro obligation.

At Marosa we have an automated solution to produce the Spesometro XML file and VAT return based on your periodic invoice listing. Please contact us if you would like to hear more about this solution.


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