Italy postpones the deadline of the Blacklist return

The deadline for submitting the blacklist return in Italy has been extended to 20 September 2016.

29 April, 2016

Italy is the only country requiring this type of return, which must include all transactions above €10,000 with counterparties based in one of the tax havens listed by the tax authorities  in the so called 'black list'.

In addition to the usual periodic VAT returns filed monthly or quarterly in every country, some jurisdictions require other indirect tax returns. These include annual summary returns where you consolidate all data reported during the year, Annual listings of domestic transactions, reverse charge listings or Control reports where the complete ledgers are submitted to the tax authorities. Contact us to receive a free list of all applicable returns in Europe.

Italy has a unique VAT reporting system where registered companies have to calculate and pay VAT on a monthly or quarterly basis by keeping the so called ‘VAT calculations’. These calculations are not submitted to the tax authorities but they must be ready for disclosure in case of an audit or request. At the end of the year, a very detailed Annual VAT return must be filed. This return has 16 pages requiring more details than any other declaration in Europe. Our network has years of experience preparing these returns, feel free to contact us if you need help.


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