Mandatory electronic VAT returns in Cyprus

All Cypriot VAT returns must be submitted electronically since 2 May 2017.

27 May, 2017


Prior to these changes, paper VAT returns were still accepted even from non-established companies only registered for VAT purposes in Cyprus.

If your business is currently submitting paper returns in Cyprus, you should register in the website TaxisNET to get a username and password allowing electronic submission of all future returns. This website also allows to complete electronically additional forms required when your VAT return is in a VAT repayment position. VAT payments, however, are still required as a bank transfer to the IBAN account of the Cypriot authorities. The VAT payment mechanism may also change in the future so that taxpayers can pay directly from the web.

Most countries in Europe require VAT returns to be submitted electronically. Poland was one of the last countries that moved into mandatory e-filing. Among those jurisdictions still allowing paper returns, Sweden, Malta and Switzerland are some of the few exceptions.


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