Value Added Tax in local language is "Taxe sur la valeur adjoute"

French VAT payments

All VAT payments in France need to be made by direct debit. This system is called "telepaiements" and it´s mandatory for all VAT registered businesses, including non-established companies in France. Only bank accounts opened in France or in one of the SEPA countries are accepted.

To set up the direct debit, the taxpayer needs to create an account in the tax authority’s portal. Once the account has been created and activated, the bank account details should be added to the following section. In the last step, you should get a Direct debit mandate and have it signed by the legal representative and sent to your bank.

Because payments are made via direct debit, there is no need to provide a reference, period or any other detail to the bank. The VAT payment will be instructed automatically by the system and linked to the submitted return.

Exceptionally, it is possible to make VAT payments to the French tax authorities via bank transfer.

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