Value Added Tax in local language is "Imposta sul valore aggiunto"

Italian VAT payments

VAT payments must reach the bank account of the tax authorities by the due dates listed in our section for VAT return deadlines. As part of our VAT compliance service, Marosa will provide you with a Payment memo including the relevant IBAN, account holder and reference to be used when making your payment of Italian VAT.

As a general rule, VAT payments of non-established companies registered directly for VAT purposes are made to the following bank account.

Bank account holder: BANCA D’ITALIA – Tesoreria centrale dello Stato

IBAN code: IT87 N010 0003 2040 0000 0000 350


However, you must check with Marosa before making a VAT payment using the bank details above, as these are often changed by the tax authorities.

The reference to be used in your bank transfer is made up of the following information: VAT number – period (monthly/quarterly) – fiscal code.

The Italian tax authorities publish a table with all possible fiscal codes to be included in your reference. These codes are different for monthly or quarterly payments, also for annual returns and annual prepayments.

All bank charges must be paid by the taxpayer. It is possible to net off previous VAT credits against the VAT payment. It is also important to allow 3-4 working days to make the payment, particularly on international bank transfers. For quarterly VAT payments, companies must increase the payment by 1% of the amount due.

Established companies or companies registered via a fiscal representative must make the payment to the bank account of the tax office where the representative or permanent establishment is located. This account changes for each region. The fiscal codes, however, are the same throughout Italy.

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