Value Added Tax in local language is "Imposta sul valore aggiunto"

VAT penalties in Italy

  • Cause
  • Late filing

    If submitted within 90 days after the deadline: €25 fixed penalty.

    If submitted after 90 days following the deadline: €258 minimum penalty and between 120% and 240% of the VAT due.

  • Late payment

    There is a general penalty of 30% of the VAT due. However:

    - If paid within 30 days following the due date: Penalty of 1/10 of the  - 30% of VAT due. This penalty is further reduced by 1/15 per day if paid within the first 15 days (see example below)

    - If paid after 30 days following the due date but before the due date to submit the annual return: Penalty of 1/8 of the 30% of VAT due.

    - If paid later, the general rule applies.

For example, a VAT payment of €1,000 performed two days after the due date is subject to a 0,4% penalty (30 x 2/15 x 1/10) due to spontaneous regularization.

In addition to the above penalties, late payment interest must be added to the penalty amount. The interest rate is published by the Italian authorities every year.

Late filing and late payment penalties are added together when a VAT return is not submitted nor paid to the tax authorities.

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