Value Added Tax in local language is "Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido" (IVA)

VAT penalties in Spain

  • Cause
  • Late payment

    Penalties are applied as a % of the VAT due (so called ‘recharges’):

    - 5% of the VAT due if paid between before 3 months after the due date

    - 10% if paid between 3 and 6 months after the due date

    - 15% if paid between 6 and 12 months after the due date

    - 20% if paid after 12 months after the due date

    On top of this, interest must be paid when on VAT payments made 12 months after the due date (i.e. when 20% recharges were paid):

    - The applicable late payment interest in the relevant year is charged (usually from 2% to 5%).

  • Late registration
    Normally, no penalties for late registration. Penalties are charged as part of the regularization of the VAT returns.

If paid within the deadline provided in the letter where the penalties are stated, the amounts are reduced by 25%.

Additional penalties may be charged by the authorities, particularly where the corrections are triggered by an investigation or VAT audit.

For penalties on ECSL, Intrastat and other returns, please see the relevant section.

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