New portal to submit your Polish Intrastat returns

Las 1 June 2016, the Polish government announced that all Intrastat returns need to be submitted using a new platform available at the website of the customs authorities.

30 June, 2016

The new system is called PUESC. There are no additional fields to be completed in the Intrastat form, however, the submission must be done using a certified Polish electronic signature or, alternatively, a free of charge provisional e-signature issued by the Customs authorities. As a temporary measure, May Intrastat returns were allowed to be submitted without any e-signature, however, these changes will apply to all upcoming returns.

Intrastat returns are an EU-wide return requiring all movements of goods above a certain threshold to be submitted on a monthly basis. The level of detail often requires tax departments to liaise with logistics department in order to collect all necessary information. Although it is an EU return and most fields are required in every country, some jurisdictions make it difficult in practice when submitting the Intrastat return, as there are often the same limitations as for VAT returns.

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