Our technology

Tax automation software

Marosa relies heavily on the use of tax automation software to produce all VAT returns. Our automated solution dramatically reduces human intervention, with hundreds of checks running automatically in the background of each return. The client ERP data is configured and mapped into the system allowing more efficient and less time consuming return preparation. Data analytics and exception reports are run automatically highlighting any trend deviation or significant change in the usual balances.

Workflow tools

Managing a large number of returns and deadlines requires appropriate workflow tools to distribute your workload and plan team changes with sufficient time in advance. Marosa has developed a web-based automated workflow that distributes tasks with internal deadlines for each step of the VAT return process. You will increase visibility of all your returns with a single click in your dedicated web portal. Our workflow is linked to a cloud based archiving tool that will centralizes all your VAT documentation in single, consolidated location.

Tax technology reporting

With an increasing tax technology obligations such as SAF-T, real-time reporting and electronic invoicing, Marosa developed web-based software solutions to convert your native ERP files into the relevant XML file required by each tax authority. We combine the IT infrastructure required to meet these obligations with European VAT knowledge to evaluate error messages, data requirements and inconsistency on transaction data.

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