Poland postpones Retail Sales Tax implementation

Following the challenges of the European Commisssion, Poland postponed the new Retail Sales Tax implementation date of the  until 2019.

This initiative consisted on a turnover tax levied on established and non-established businesses in Poland. The applicable rates would increase according to the turnover of each company. Businesses with a turnover below PLN 17 million are not required to pay Polish Retail Sales Tax. This exemption was challenged by the European Commission on the grounds of State Aid rules. The basis for this challenge was that small businesses would have a competitive advantage over larger companies.

The Polish tax authorities announced this initiative on 16 September 2016. By the end of that month, the Commission initiated investigations on the new tax. Poland has now announced a delay on the implementation date of this tax. Given the uncertainty created by the Commission investigation, further delays may be published in the coming months.

Update 30/06/2017: The Commission has already weighted on the matter, rendering the new law in breach of the EU rules. In the opinion of the body, the new law would unlawfully favour certain companies over other (smaller companies would either pay a reduced amount or be totally exempt of the tax), the EC found such differentiation unjustified.

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