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  • EU Commission publishes plans to reform VAT

    Following the VAT Action Plan published last April 2017, the European Commission proposed the fundamental principles of what is aimed to become the biggest reform of European VAT rules in recent years. What is the new EU VAT regime about?  Intra-Community VAT will follow the destination principle. This means that sales to another EU country will charge VAT at the country of destination´s VAT rate. Currently, intra-Community supplies are zero-rated provided that certain conditions are met. On the other side...
  • Intrastat changes in Italy

    Last 25 September 2017, the Italian Tax Authorities announced important changes on Intrastat returns impacting the reporting obligations of all taxpayers registered in Italy with an intra-Community activity. New rules as from 1 January 2018 Following previous amendments, the Italian government has issued a new protocol with rules that will apply as from January 2018. According to these new rules, the following changes are introduced: Quarterly Intrastat returns for intra-Community acquisitions of goods or services will be replaced by monthly...
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    • Publicado 10/10/2017 18:12
  • New VAT rates in Switzerland

    Following our earlier announcements, the Swiss authorities confirmed that VAT rates will be reduced as from 1 January 2018 as a result of 24 September referendum. As expected, the standard VAT rate and the special rate for accommodation will be reduced to 7.7% and 3.7% respectively, whereas the reduced VAT rate applicable on foodstuff, water and other basic supplies will remain at 2.5%. New applicable VAT rates are shown in the table below: How is this impacting your business? The...
  • French anti-VAT fraud software

    France will require retail businesses to introduce a certified anti-VAT fraud cash register as from January 2018. Entities registered for VAT purposes that use a cash register to account their customers’ payments will be obliged, from next year, to use a certified anti-fraud cash register that fulfils certain requirements regarding integrity, security, storage and archiving data. What are the requirements? The accounting software and cash register must fulfil the following requirements: Tax Authorities must have access to the data recorded...
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    • Publicado 10/10/2017 18:10
  • Expected changes on control report content requirements

    Czech Republic Tax Authorities are planning to change data requirements in the Control report periodic VAT obligation. What are the changes? The parliament approved an amendment to the VAT law which sets out the information that taxable persons must include in their control reports. This amendment states that in addition to the general data, the following information should be included: Customers and supplier's identification data. Additional taxable person's identification data, such his ID or his contact details. Information about any...