Romanian VAT rate reduction upheld

The recent elections results in Romania have raised doubts about the expected VAT rate decrease of 20% to 19% on 1 January 2017.


However, our Romanian contact has recently confirmed that the changes will go ahead as planned, including the VAT rate reduction.

In addition to the VAT rate update, Romania also announced plans to automatically cancel VAT registrations that have been inactive for a long period of time. Where a VAT number is automatically deregistered, input VAT deduction will not be allowed where such VAT was incurred during periods when the VAT registration was not active.

Finally, the VIES registration will no longer be required as a separate application in Romania. Previously, where a business registered for the first time in Romania, a separate application had to be submitted in order to get registered in the VIES number. This application is no longer applicable.

The VIES separate application is still required in countries like Spain or Italy. In Spain, it requires a long process where the authorities visit the correspondence address in person and a small audit is carried to verify the need for a VIES number. In most European countries, however, this separate application is not required.


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