Spain drops the SII Due Date Extension

The Spanish SII obligations will enter into force on 1 July 2017 for all taxpayers irrespective of individual circumstances.

27 April, 2018


When is the Spanish SII in force?


Despite unofficial announcements of the Spanish tax authorities, there will be no individual extensions granted to those taxpayers who are late adapting their ERP system to the IT requirements of the Spanish SII. All businesses should start reporting their invoice listings electronically within eight days from the moment the invoice is issued (accounts receivable) or the invoice is booked (accounts payable). As from 2018, this period is reduced to four days.

Are there any simplified rules to the SII obligations?

Last 26 May the authorities published a decree aimed at simplifying taxpayer´s compliance with the new SII obligations.However, the only remarkable measure published in this decree was the already anticipated possibility of deregistering from the monthly refund scheme in order to avoid the Spanish SII. Under the current rules, all taxpayers registered in this scheme are required to report their electronic books in real time irrespective of their size and turnover. Registering and deregistering from this scheme is only allowed during the month of November, but the authorities exceptionally opened the possibility of deregistering from this scheme before 15 June 2017.

If your business is not ready for the Spanish SII obligations compliance, send us an email if you want to hear more about what actions you should take to avoid penalties.




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