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  • Denmark increases control on distance sellers

    As part of the initiatives to reduce VAT fraud in the online environment, the Danish tax authorities introduced a number of changes and additional controls on businesses selling goods and services over the internet. As from 1 January 2016, the authorities can request further information on transactions with foreign suppliers within the e-commerce industry. E-commerce businesses are subject to an increasing control by the tax authorities accross Europe. UK has just announced additional compliance measures for companies selling goods through the...
  • Impuesto sobre ventas a particulares en Polonia

    Polonia planea introducir un nuevo impuesto sobre el volumen de ventas a particulares. Este impuesto será distinto al IVA y no se podrá deducir a efectos de Impuesto de Sociedades. Como novedad, también se aplicará este impuesto a empresas no establecidas en Polonia. Esto incluye los negocios de e-commerce que vendan productos a través de internet a particulares polacos.  La base imponible se calculará a partir de todas las ventas a particulares, excluyendo IVA y restando devoluciones. Los servicios estarán excluidos....
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    • Publicado 22/03/2016 18:28
  • Austrian invoices issued by distance sellers

    Businesses selling goods to a private individual in Austria from another Member State must issue a compliant invoice according to Austrian invoicing rules when the value of sales in Austria exceeds the distance selling threshold. This requirement applies from 1 January 2016. Despite the harmonization of VAT rules in the EU for distance sellers, there are a number of differences that make it difficult for e-commerce businesses to ensure compliance around Europe. The reporting requirements (eg Intrastat or not, ECSPL...