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  • Updated guidelines for VAT registrations in Ireland

    Last 25 September 2017, the Irish tax authorities published updated Guidelines for VAT registration . The new guidance explains the Irish VAT registration process and provides detailed information about the data that must be included in the application forms, either online or in paper format. This manual also lists those exceptions in which VAT registration cannot be made through online services. The full guidance in PDF format is available in the website of the Irish Tax Authorities.  When do you...
    • By Marosa VAT
    • Publicado 10/10/2017 18:04
  • Web portal for VAT registrations in Ireland

    Registering for VAT is now easier in Ireland. Businesses applying for a VAT number can submit supporting documentation directly through the portal of the Irish tax authorities. Following a consultation to Irish tax practitioners, the authorities announced changes into their website in order to allow electronic submission of any documentation required to support your application for an Irish VAT number. The VAT registration process is different in each European country. In most cases, however, you must submit your application on paper...
    • By Marosa EU VAT
    • Publicado 29/07/2016 8:10
  • Irish VAT numbers cancelled

    If you are VAT registered in Ireland and filing nil VAT returns, you may get a notification from the tax authorities about the cancellation of your VAT registration number. If that happens, you should contact the authorities to describe your business and the expected taxable supplies in order to maintain your VAT number activated. The Irish authorities published a notice explaining that VAT numbers will be cancelled where the number has been inactive for a given period or where there...
    • By Marosa EU VAT
    • Publicado 30/06/2016 7:32
  • Irish ESL and Intrastat trading manual published

    The Irish tax authorities have recently published a manual on how to complete and file ECSL and Intrastat returns. The only change announced in these manuals is the obligations to file detailed Intrastat returns when a certain threshold is exceeded. The general threshold to submit Intrastat returns remains at 500,000€ per year for Arrivals and 635,000€ for dispatches.   The authorities have also published a manual on all tax aspects to be considered when starting a business in Ireland. Ireland...
    • By Marosa EU VAT
    • Publicado 26/02/2016 9:04
  • Irish VAT changes in the 2015 Finance Act

    The latest changes introduced by the 2015 Finance Act are summarized in the VAT Guidance notes published by the tax authorities: Additional means to identify carousel fraud and carry an automatic de-registration. The authorities may also publish information about the de-registered businesses and even contact their suppliers and clients. Changes on the VAT rules on Capital Goods Scheme. Changes on the exemption conditions for services connected to offshore gambling.
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    • Publicado 26/02/2016 8:36