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  • Tax Authorities start sending letters about Spanish SII obligations

    Spanish Tax Authorities have already started sending communications to taxpayers required to submit information through the SII system, the real-time VAT reporting obligation in Spain. The purpose of these communications is to warn businesses about the discrepancies found between the VAT returns and SII reports submitted, as well as highlight the importance of meeting these compliance obligations to avoid possible penalties (reporting period, information provided, content data requirements, etc). How is this impacting your VAT obligations? In principle, these letters...
    • By Marosa VAT
    • Publicado 01/12/2017 14:53
  • How to complete your Spanish SII data for the first semester 2017

    Even if the SII reporting was implemented only in 1 July 2017, the Spanish authorities require all taxpayers to submit SII data from the first semester of the year. There are specific data requirements aimed at making things easier for taxpayers. There are also exceptions for certain companies and some data that is still required under the current format. The complication here comes for businesses who adapted their systems only as from 1 July 2017, as they will not be...
    • By Marosa VAT
    • Publicado 08/09/2017 10:38
  • Late for Spanish SII? Here is the interim solution

    Marosa developped a solution to comply with the Spanish SII during those first weeks of July in which your ERP system is not yet ready. Despite announcements to postpone the deadline, the authorities decided to keep 1 July as the only due date for businesses to start reporting automatic data from their systems to the tax authorities´ database. Many companies need to coordinate diverse teams in different countries, hence increasing the length of this project and requiring longer time to implement changes....
    • By Marosa EU VAT
    • Publicado 19/06/2017 17:12
  • Spain drops the SII due date extension

    The Spanish SII will enter into force on 1 July 2017 for all taxpayers irrespective of individual circumstances. Despite unofficial announcements of the Spanish tax authorities, there will be no individual extensions granted to those taxpayers who are late adapting their ERP system to the IT requirements of the Spanish SII. All businesses should start reporting their invoice listings electronically within eight days from the moment the invoice is issued (accounts receivable) or the invoice is booked (accounts payable). As...
    • By Marosa EU VAT
    • Publicado 13/06/2017 7:15
  • Possible extension of Spanish SII

    The Spanish authorities are expected to allow individual extensions of the 1 July deadline on SII obligations. There are also important changes on the content and data requirements. For those who did not start with the SII work yet, you can read about actions required in our To do list for Spanish SII. If you want to know more about the basics of this obligation, you can read our earlier announcement of the SII.    Deadline extension In the meeting on...
    • By Marosa EU VAT
    • Publicado 23/04/2017 10:13