Very Basics Course

Whether you're a newcomer to tax regulations or seeking to refresh your knowledge, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to key topics.

Duration: 4 hours. | English language.

Course Overview

This course is designed to provide a foundational understanding of essential concepts for individuals who are new to Value Added Tax (VAT) and European VAT compliance. Whether you're a newcomer to tax regulations or seeking to refresh your knowledge, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to key topics.

  • Course content

    • VAT for non-VAT experts 

      Duration: 1h

      Overview: Explains the logic of VAT as opposed to sales tax: the mechanics of VAT, and practical link between activity, VAT return and VAT payment to tax authorities. It includes a case study on how to complete a VAT return with a simple purchase and sales invoice.

    • European VAT compliance for non-VAT experts

      Duration: 2h

      Overview: Overview of administrative obligations in Europe.

    • Introduction to e-invoicing

      Duration: 45 minutes.

      Overview: Explains the 4 corner model, public channels and impact of CTC reporting.

Attendance Options for the Very Basics Course

Two basic options are available:

  • Online training: Groups will be limited to 20 people to ensure sufficient time for questions and answers. The training are starting from 200€ per person in the online training modality.
  • Face-to-face: We will come to the client's offices to deliver this training.

Alternativelly, we offer:

  • Dedicated group sesisones online or on-site: This is an open training offer bases on your particular needs and those of your team.
  • Training programme offer: this is ideal for multinational firms and companies and consists of continuos traingin. It includes 2 trainings per month. In total 2-3 hours.

Who Should Attend?

This course is ideal for individuals who are new to VAT regulations and European VAT compliance, as well as those seeking a basic understanding of e-invoicing concepts. Whether you're a small business owner, an accounting professional, or simply interested in expanding your knowledge, this course provides a solid foundation to build upon.

  • Anyone who is new to the field of VAT and wants a clear introduction to its fundamental principles, compliance obligations, and processes.
  • Useful for everyone who needs a bird-eye view of what are the different tax reporting obligations in Europe.
  • Useful for anyone starting to work with e-invoicing, required for anyone who heard about the 4 corner model and still don´t know what it is.

Additional Information

  • When will the course be held? The dates will be agreed upon based on demand and the creation of the groups.
  • Minimum attendance. There must be a minimum attendance of 10 people to launch each online module of the training.
  • Training modules, Are they flexible? Indeed! You can opt to attend a few or all the modules offered within your training option preferred.

Assessments and Certifications

During presentations, we should use Slido for real-time assessments. Those completing 3 trainings will get a certificate.

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It is ideal for multinational firms and companies.

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