What is a Wirtschafts-ID Nummer in Germany?

Check out this article to learn what a Wirtschafts-ID Nummer is for identification purposes in Germany.

Taxpayers may already be familiar with the Steuernummer and Ust-IdNr numbers in Germany for identification purposes regarding VAT.

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To make things more complicated, another identification number is thrown into the mix – the Wirtschafts-ID Nummer. Never fear! We are here to break down the meaning in simple terms.

Wirtschafts-ID Nummer – What is it?

A Wirtschafts-ID Nummer is an economic identification number in the private sector for economically active persons, such as:

  • Natural persons with economic activity (self-employed, freelances, sole-traders, retailers)
  • Legal persons
  • Associations of persons
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Employers

This number will be assigned in addition to their unique tax identification numbers. It was created with the aim of making identification easier between private areas and operational areas, and it will replace the sales tax identification number, which is no longer required. Each economically active person will therefore have one identification number for all types of taxes.

How can I get a Wirtschafts-ID Nummer?

The Federal Central Tax Office, or BZSt, in Bonn is responsible for issuing the Wirtschafts-ID Nummer. The BZSt will issue the Wirtschafts-ID Nummer at the request of the responsible tax authority and will notify the taxpayer of this without the need for an application on their end.

It is important to note that the Wirtschafts-ID Nummer is currently not yet issued. When it is ready to launch, more information will become available for taxpayers to get informed with enough time in advance to prepare.

What is the format of a Wirtschafts-ID Nummer?

Similarly to the Ust-idNr, the Wirtschafts-ID Nummer will consist of the letter sequence DE and will be followed by 9 unique digits. Companies who already possess a VAT number in Germany and will need to use them as Wirtschafts-ID Nummers when it comes into effect.


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