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VAT returns

Marosa offers a one stop solution for all your VAT, ECSL and Intrastat returns in Europe. Our VAT services rely on technology, talent and local knowledge.

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VAT news

Stay on top of all legislative changes in every European country. Our newsletter focuses on compliance practical matters. Subscribe now free of charge.

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Country VAT Manuals

Our VAT compliance manuals focus on daily VAT obligations and usual reporting questions. Save this tool on your browser favourites.

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EU VAT services

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VAT compliance

We take care of all VAT, ECSL and Intrastat returns in Europe. Our central services provide better control and reduce risk.

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VAT registrations

We will handle your VAT registrations in all European countries with a quick, effective and cost-efficient approach.

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VAT refunds

Using our multi-lingual compliance skills, we make sure that your company recovers all foreign VAT with an automated and efficient solution in all European countries.

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EU VAT consulting

We provide global VAT advice supported by local tax consultants giving you a comparative view of all countries, as well as specific simplifications applicable to your business.

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Our monthly VAT newsletters ensure that your company complies with all legislative changes around Europe. We focus on practical reporting VAT changes.

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We rely on state of the art technology. Using tax engines and cloud based solutions allows your company to have better control and reduce manual intervention.

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Our VAT compliance manuals focus on daily VAT obligations and usual reporting problems. Save this tool on your browser favourites.

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We coordinate all VAT reporting obligations with a robust basis of tax advisors and VAT compliance specialists in each European country.

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