Changes to Accessing Belgian Service for VAT Compliance by 2024

There are changes to accessing Belgian online service for VAT Compliance by 2024: the commercial certificates from Isabel and Globalsign will no longer be valid. Plan ahead for the change!

Starting from January 31, 2024, important changes will affect how individuals access the e-services provided by FPS Finance in Belgium. Specifically, users will no longer be able to log in using commercial certificates from Isabel and Globalsign to Intervat, Biztax, FinProf, and Finelts. This change is significant and will impact how businesses, including foreigners, interact with FPS Finance's digital platforms.

The main alternatives to the use of the commercial certificates from Isabel and Globalsign to log in are using a Belgian electronic identity card (eID) or an electronic card for foreigners issued in Belgium, or with itsme® (if you have a Belgian electronic identity card).

Users will no longer be able to log in Belgian online services using commercial certificates from Isabel and Globalsign. This impacts the access to Intervat, among other platforms, for VAT compliance.

However, for those who do not possess a Belgian eID or electronic card for foreigners, there are alternative options for registration:

  1. Register via eIDAS: You can opt to register using your own national (non-Belgian) electronic identification means that are recognized at the European level. This option allows for accessibility without a Belgian-specific ID.
  2. Register at a Registration Office: Another option is to present yourself at a 'registration office.' This can be done by making an appointment either at the FPS BOSA in Brussels or at the population department of a municipality equipped with a local registration office. After successful registration, you will receive a username and password. Additionally, you'll be provided with a 'digital key' through email, text message, or a mobile app for secure logins.
  3. Online Registration Module (Under Development): If physical travel to Belgium is not feasible, the Belgian tax administration is developing an online registration module to ease this procedure. At the moment, we shall wait until final implementation and functioning is ready.

Moreover, for those who need to submit periodic VAT returns via Intervat, there is good news. In the near future, there will be an option to submit these returns via an API directly from your own accounting software. This means that logging in to the e-service will no longer be necessary for this specific function. However, it's important to note that this functionality is still in development.

These changes are aimed at streamlining and modernizing the access and submission processes for FPS Finance's e-services, making them more accessible and efficient for users. It is important to react quickly to these changes and plan ahead to access one of the new logging methods. Find here the official information about this change.

Have a look at the section about VAT returns from our Belgian VAT manual.

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