France launched a new portal for company administration

France launched a new one-stop shop portal for company formalities. All applications for VAT registration or de-registration, as well as other change notifications, shall be made via the new portal.

France launches a new one-stop shop portal for all company and business formalities, known as formalités d’entreprise. Companies must start using this portal from January 2023. The portal allows performing the main company’s life administrative obligations in one single point: incorporating entities, changing entity details and liquidating them, as well as some procedures related to industrial property and brands.

Foreign companies and their tax agents must also start using the new portal for submitting their applications for VAT registration or de-registration in France, as well as to notify other types of changes, such as the change of tax agent, a change on the company’s name or address, etc.

The objective is to unify and simplify the management of these formalities both for companies and the authorities.  

From January 2023, you will have to submit your French VAT registrations and de-registrations and notify any company changes via the new portal.

The update is announced here, at the tax authorities’ website. Also, you can find here access to the new portal formalites entreprises.

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