French certified cash registers as from January 2018

Last year France announced the implementation of official cash registers that would be required by a number of retail businesses.


Requirements on cash registers in France

The French tax authorities have now issued guidelines on the requirements and conditions applying to this new system.

The certified cash registers will be required as from 1 January 2018. In order to certify a cash register, businesses will have the option of having their current machine certified by an authorized organization in charge of these certifications or, alternatively, buying a software or cash register that is officially certified as meeting the requirements in French law. These requirements are basically integrity, security, storage and archiving data. Not complying with the new obligation will trigger penalties of up to €7,500.

Other EU countries on the certified cash register regime

Portugal has already introduced a system of certified cash registers and Hungary also announced the implementation of this requirement. In some countries, the registers are directly connected to the tax authorities, so any entry can be monitored in real time by the tax officer in charge of the business.



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