Italian Intrastat returns are due in 2017

The Italian government announced important changes to the VAT compliance obligations of all registered businesses applicable as from 1 January 2017.

26 February, 2017


Italian Intrastat returns are due in 2017

These changes included the abolition of Italian Intrastat returns, as they would be replaced by quarterly invoice listings with detailed information about the activities of each taxpayer.

This month the Intrastat authorities published a communication requesting the January Intrastat return to be submitted by all taxpayers that were normally required to file these returns. We expect Intrastat returns in the following months to remain due in Italy, although this should be officially confirmed by the authorities.

The due date to submit the January Intrastat return was 27 February 2017 (it´s usually the 25th day of the following month, but it is shifted to the next working day when it falls on a weekend).

You can access the official communication of the Statistical authorities on their website.

Feel free to send us an email if you need help with Italian VAT or Intrastat returns.


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