Malta increases interest rates on late VAT payments

Malta increased penalties calculated as interest rates on late VAT payments from September 2022.

Starting September 2022, if you pay VAT late in Malta, the applicable penalties will double.

Raise of interest rate in Malta

Malta increased the interest rate for missing or late VAT payments from 0.33% to 0.6% per month. The official notice can be found here.

If the VAT payment missing corresponds to a reporting period before 1 September 2022, the applicable interest rate will remain the previous one, this is at 0.33% per month.

How can Marosa help you?

Marosa can help you to meet your VAT compliance obligations in Malta and avoiding missing any VAT payment. We can prepare and submit your VAT, OSS, ESPL, and Intrastat returns in Malta, inform you about any additional compliance obligations, and help you understand the notifications received from the tax authorities as well as the VAT treatment of your activities in the country.

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