New bank accounts for VAT payments in Poland

As from January 2020, it is mandatory to make VAT payments into a dedicated 'micro' bank account of each taxpayer.

This month a new bank account should be used in Poland to transfer the VAT due to the Polish tax authorities. This change affects both, established and non-established entities.

The effective implementation date was 1 January 2020, so the new accounts are applicable since January even for reporting periods corresponding to 2019.

This new account is an individual bank account (so called ´micro-account´) automatically generated by the tax authorities for each taxpayer in Poland. If you are making payments tax payments in Poland, you will need to access the dedicated website of the Polish tax authorities, enter your Tax id number and the bank account will be automatically generated.

You can access the tool to generate your micro bank account from this URL.

Your payment reference remains the same and the beneficiary of the bank account also remains unchanged.

How can we help you?

Marosa handles all Polish VAT work from our European Compliance Centre. Our Polish team is able to assist you with all compliance and administrative requirements. We also have a local entity, Marosa Poland, to provide fiscal representation services. Contact us to know more about how we can help you managing your VAT obligations in Poland or elsewhere in Europe.


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