New Online Service to Download VAT Return Forms in Sweden

A new online service allows foreign companies to download the VAT Return Forms in Sweden

Aiming to streamline and simplify the process of obtaining VAT return forms in Sweden, the Swedish Tax Agency, Skatteverket, has introduced a user-friendly online service for foreign VAT-registered companies. This recent online solution can make the VAT declaration process more efficient and convenient for foreign businesses with VAT compliance obligations in the country.

Online submission is not allowed for foreign business with a direct VAT registration in Sweden. Traditionally, the tax office sends the paper VAT returns for foreign companies by post to the taxpayer or tax agent’s address. This procedure often implies delays in the submission process because the paper VAT returns were not arriving in time. To complement this procedure, the tax authorities' website facilitates an option to request the correspondent paper form when the deadline approaches. However, again, following this method, you would still have to wait to receive the paper form sent by post.

Now, the landscape is changing for the better. Skatteverket has recently launched an online service accessible through its official website. This new service allows registered companies to easily create, download and print the correspondent VAT return form for the reporting period.

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Additionally, you can use this new service retroactively for previous reporting periods. Companies can now access and download VAT return forms for earlier periods, enhancing flexibility and timely compliance in case a VAT regularization is required.

To access this service, simply visit the official Skatteverket website and navigate to the dedicated VAT section. The user-friendly interface makes it straightforward for businesses to create and download the required forms under the following link.


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