Poland introduces the standard audit file

The Standard Audit File (SAF) is a standard electronic format in which information is required by tax authorities in order to run the automatic checks and cross information consistently with files provided by other taxpayers.

Although the SAF-T in Poland is a novelty, the regime has already been introduced in other European countries like Portugal, France, Germany or Austria.

The SAF will be required in Poland as from 1 July 2016. It is still unclear what is the format and content requirements of this file. Small businesses will be required to provide information in SAF only after July 2018. It is not clear whether non-established companies will also be required to submit their ledgers in this format in case of an audit.

Update 30/06/2016

We discuss the introduction of SAF-T in Poland more broadly here. Unfortunatelly, Polish goverment does not provide the public with information on the topic published in English. Polish informational site can be found here.

SAF-T in Poland. Our solution

We suggest starting looking at this requirement now to avoid last minute issues, particularly to adapt your information to the system requirements of the tax authorities. Polish authorities are strict on formal requirements and will apply penalties on any missing obligation. Here, at Marosa we are happy to help your business meeting these new requirements. We offer complete service of generating adequate files and filing the return according to the requirements. Contact us to get support from our local Polish VAT specialist.


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