Polish SAF-T files replace Polish VAT Returns

The Polish government recently announced that VAT returns will no longer be required.

The Polish government recently announced that VAT returns will no longer be required.  The authorities explained that the information in Polish SAF-T files is enough to meet all periodic data requirements.

In January 2018, Poland extended the obligation to report SAF-T files to all VAT registered businesses. This information is submitted in XML format  via the website of the Polish authorities. At Marosa we will be able to convert your usual transaction listing in Excel into the Polish SAF-T XML file required by the authorities. Contact us if you want to receive more information.

In July 2018, a new extended on-demand Polish SAF-T file was introduced. This file would only be mandatory where it has been requested by the tax authorities in the course of a tax investigation.

Death of the tax return

Back in 2015 George Osborne, at the time chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK, announced the ´death of the tax return´. European countries have indeed moved rapidly from periodic VAT returns where all transactions are summarized in a few boxes into a transaction listing where each supply and purchase is reported separately, with all relevant details about supplier and customer, amounts and type of transaction. The obligation to provided transaction data information is sometimes required in real-time. Spain, Hungary, Italy and Greece have already approved real-time transaction data reporting.

SAF-T obligations in Poland. We can help

SAF-T periodic obligations require all businesses to review their current accounting data in their ERP system to make sure that VAT numbers are also included in the reports produced to comply with Polish reporting rules. The tax authorities are strict on content requirements and apply penalties on any missing obligation.

At Marosa we will convert your usual transaction listing from the native file produced by your ERP into the XML required by the tax authorities. Contact us to speak to our local Polish VAT specialist

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