Spain postpones the new invoicing requirements to July 2024

Spanish tax authorities postpone the new invoicing software requirements to July 2024, after the public hearing phase.

Spanish tax authorities postponed the new software invoice requirements to July 2024, instead of January 2024. The initial draft is in process of review and modification, following the public information phase.  

Once the measure enters into force, all invoices must be produced by the electronic or informatic systems (or “SIF”, “sistemas y programas informáticos o electrónicos”) in a standardized format according to the new requirements. 

We developed the requirements that these invoicing software’s must comply in our previous article about the draft Law. To sum them up: 

  • Data protection of the invoice register, avoiding any modification of the information after the invoice is issued.
  • Traceability of the data registered.
  • Accessibility and conservation: the informatic systems must allow the automatic and instant reporting of all invoices register to the tax authorities. 

Producers of the “SIF” must adapt their products to meet the legal requirements. Also, the Spanish tax authorities will make available their own invoicing software, although the details are not public yet. 
Finally, the final customers will also have a role to play on preventing tax fraud. Businesses shall encourage their customers to ask for tickets of their transactions and the voluntary submission to the tax authorities, allowing the double verification of the data collected.  

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