Portal to submit Dutch VAT returns updated as from January 2022.

The new portal in Netherlands will become mandatory for companies registered in the Dutch Trade Register starting 2022. Foreign VAT registered companies are not impacted yet.

Dutch VAT returns need to be submitted via a new Portal as from 2022. These changes only impact those businesses registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, so foreign VAT registered companies without a permanent establishment are not yet impacted. The authorities indicated that the new portal will extend to all VAT registrations, although we do not have a date for such extension yet.

The Dutch tax authorities are urging the taxpayers to adapt for the change, since the Old entrepreneur portal will no longer be available for the 2022 reporting periods – either they are monthly, quarterly, or annual. For example, if you are submitting returns on a monthly basis, the reporting period of January 2022 will no longer be available within the Old portal.

 If you need to know more about the Dutch VAT compliance, please have a look to our VAT Manual for Netherlands.

What are the alternatives to the Old entrepreneurial portal?

The current alternatives to the Old entrepreneur portal are the following:

In case you decide to register in the New entrepreneur portal of the Dutch tax administration, there are some advantages in comparison with the Old portal. Some of them are the following:

  • The services work better in tablets and smartphones.
  • The log in is made via e-Recognition tools (DigiD and eHerkenning), therefore, the security is enhanced.
  • The returns submitted can be viewed again – which is not possible currently in the Old portal.
  • Also, draft preparations of the returns can be saved for later submission.

In any case, it is possible to authorize tax service providers to use the New entrepreneur portal.

Marosa collaborates with Less Grey to provide solutions in the Dutch market to Ducth and foreign businesses.

Who will be able to continue submitting Dutch VAT returns via the old portal?

Those companies or entrepreneurs who cannot register in the Dutch Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce can continue to use the Old entrepreneur portal for the VAT returns submission for the moment.

Therefore, many foreign businesses registered exclusively for VAT purposes in Netherlands will not be affected by this change, and will be able to continue submitting VAT returns via de Old portal – with the username and password received by the tax administration when receiving their VAT certificate. It is also possible to request new credentials if necessary; the estimate to receive them is 10 working days.

Companies that cannot register for the New portal will be able to request the services of a tax agent or using an administration software for filing if preferred.

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