Sweden proposes a VAT registration threshold

Sweden is planning to introduce a VAT registration threshold for small established companies.

Together with Malta and Spain, Sweden is one of the few countries who does not have this type of simplification for small businesses. The proposed threshold would be set at SEK 30,000, which is the equivalent to circa €3,100. This is a rather low threshold and very few businesses will be eligible to deregister from VAT.

Why use VAT registration threshold?

The system of registration thresholds allows small businesses to avoid a VAT registration and related VAT obligations until a given threshold is exceeded. This system only applies to established companies, hence non-established foreign businesses must register for VAT as soon as the first taxable transaction is made in the country.

Regarding the value of these thresholds, UK has the highest threshold set at £83,000 which is equivalent to circa €100,000. The Netherlands, however, has a very low threshold of €1,345.

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