Threshold increased for simplified invoices in Italy

The scope of simplified invoices in Italy has been increased, making it easier for all businesses to meet Italian invoicing requirements.

Simplified invoices require less data to be included on the invoices. They are only accepted when the value of the transaction is below a certain amount. Italy has now increased simplified invoices threshold from 100 € to 400 €, so it will be possible to issue simplified invoices for any transaction under the new threshold of 400 €.

The details required on simplified invoices in Italy are the following:

  • Invoice date;
  • Invoice number;
  • Full name, address and legal details of supplier and customer,
  • Supplier´s VAT number
  • Client´s codice fiscale or VAT number (a codice fiscale can replace the need to include the customer´s name and address)
  • Gross amount

Simplified invoices cannot be issued in case of intra-Community supplies or B2B supplies of services where the client is established in another Member State.

Italy has a unique system when it comes to the obligation of issuing invoices. As a general rule, invoices are mandatory on all supplies of goods and services. However, in case of B2C sales, if the client has not provided his tax number, an invoice is not required. In these cases, a transaction listing indicating all details of the sale would be required.

The above is important for distance sellers, as it is often difficult to collect all tax numbers (Codice Fiscale) from your individual clients.

Our manual and the EU Commission database

Marosa has a detailed manual on Italian VAT compliance obligations. It includes information about VAT returns, ECSL returns and relevant information on simplifications for non-resident taxpayers.

Regarding simplified invoices, the European Commission published a database of all invoicing requirements in the EU, including information about simplified invoices and other relevant details about content requirements and the obligation to issue an invoice in each country.

Marosa can help you reviewing all invoice requirements in Europe. We have a comprehensive database on individual requirements in each country, as well as a template invoices to comply with rules in multiple jurisdictions with a single template. Contact us to know more about these services.

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