Tool to check EORI numbers in the UK

HMRC released a tool for checking the validity of EORI numbers in the UK. These UK EORI numbers should not be confused with EU EORI numbers.

The UK tax authorities developed and released a tool for checking if UK EORI numbers are valid or not.  This tool is another consequence of Brexit, as UK EORI numbers will require a separate registration for UK and EU businesses trading internationally in UK.

What is an EORI number and when do I need one?

UK EORI numbers are customs ID numbers valid in the UK only. These are different from EU EORI numbers, which are valid in all EU member states.

Following Brexit, HMRC started issuing customs identification numbers for each business trading their goods internationally from or into the UK. As mentioned above, it is important to note that these are ID numbers for customs purposes in the UK only.

An EU EORI number, or Economic Operators Registration and Identification number, is a unique identification number for customs purposes in all EU countries. This number is required to make imports into the EU from non-EU countries. This number will appear on import documents and will be used to identify businesses when dealing with customs. Typically, an EORI number consists first of the country code of the country where it was obtained followed by a unique set of numbers.

Changes after Brexit

Previously, one EU EORI number was sufficient for making imports and exports in the UK. For example, a Spanish company that obtained a Spanish EORI number could use that number for identification purposes in other EU countries when making imports from non-EU countries, including the UK prior to Brexit. This will continue to be the case for EU businesses making imports in their home countries or other EU member states.

However, businesses can expect changes starting in January 2021. EU EORI numbers will no longer be valid in the UK, instead a UK EORI must be received from HMRC. Such UK EORI numbers will not be valid in the EU. A business located within the EU will now need to obtain a UK EORI number if they make imports into the UK, and the same applies in reverse for UK companies making imports into the EU.

You can access the UK EORI number validation tool here.

The EU EORI number validation tool is available here.

Other useful tools

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